About Us

Basheer Dewji is licensed as Managing Broker, and provides Rental Property Management for both Residential and Commercial Tenancies, Strata Property Management and Trading Services (for the purchase and sale of real estate).

He started his career with Price Waterhouse in Kenya, and moved up rapidly through the ranks. He moved from public accounting to the industrial and manufacturing sector, and held positions of CFO, GFC and Managing Director in large sized national and multi-national firms.

Basheer moved to Canada in 2003, and has been involved with property management since then. He has worked for property owners, real estate marketing and management brokerages, and is now the principal of Minerva Realty Corp. He has the qualifications, experience, skills and attributes that have benefitted both owners and tenants, and resulted in very profitable outcomes for his clients.

No property is too small or too large for him to manage, and he provides direct and one-to-one interactions.